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Available Courses

How to login for Mock Tests : Please deposit course fee + Rs.30 by Cash. For a/c details, pl call 01722665623 and then convey (1) your name, (2) e-mail ID (3) Cell No. (4) Bank transaction no., (5) date and (6)amount, by calling 01722665623. PW/ID will be given within 24 hours of your payment confirmation.


Validity of Mock Tests: Log in validity - 1 month. Each test can be attempted 2 times. For assistance, if any, please call 0172 2665623 for details.

ONLINE MOCK TEST CD, QUICK PREPARATION CD & Hard Copy Study Material for Promotion Exam, JAIIB, CAIIB : For quick dispatch, please call 0172 2665623 or visit us at www.bankingindiaupdate.co